Day 4~ピザ作りと自然体験



Many things in Shimokawa are locally produced and locally consumed. We had one of those experiences today making pizza with a local bakery called Yanai.
The wheat, fruit tomatoes, eggplants, paprikas and other vegetables are grown locally, and the firewood used are taken from local forests.
We had a great time making our own pizza on a chill Sunday afternoon.








After that we split into two groups- one that went cycling around the town, and the other exploring the Panke river of Shimokawa. The cycling group cycled to the newly built Sanru dam that provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire town of Shimokawa. On the way back, the group dropped by a blueberry farms to pick blueberries! On the other hand, the river group put on their wet suits and were given a short lecture on how to do river fishing, before embarking on an adventure into the crystal clear Panke river to learn about the ecosystems of the river, and try a little of river fishing.



This time, we have a wide variety of participants of myriad nationalities living in different parts of Japan- Chao Ping (USA/ Taiwan) living in Sapporo, Belle (Taiwan), Rebecca (USA), Lucas (Chile), Tran (Vietnam) living in Tokyo, Anh (Vietnam) living in Shizuoka, Chika (USA) living in Osaka and Azlynne (Malaysia) living in Fukuoka and Crystal (France) living in Grenoble! It’s been an enriching and fun-packed four days in Shimokawa and all of us are exhausted from all the fun experiencing the town and meeting interesting and inspiring locals!



We look forward to our next visit to Shimokawa, hopefully bringing Sosei Partners in Shimokawa to the next level, where international students can work closely with the governments, companies and residents of Shimokawa to revitalize the region.